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Mojuba ( Ancestral prayer)
** Iba- we give reverence to....
** Moyuba- I give reverence to...

**Iba Se Olodumare Oba a rere "k" aye
(Reverence to God that spreads all over the universe)
**Iba Se atiyo ojo
(Reverence to the dawn of the day)
**Iba Se atiwo oorun
(Reverence to sunset)
**Iba Se ile ogeere a f' oko ye ri
(Reverence to Mother Earth)
**Iba Se Orunmila Elerii Ipin
(Reverence to Orunmila, Witness to Creation)
**Iba Se igba Irunmole Ojukotun
(Reverence to the 200 Irunmole(gods) on the right hand side of God)
**Iba igba Irunmole Ojukosin
(Reverence to the 200 Irunmole (gods) on the left hand side of God)
**Iba Se okanle-ni Irinwo Irunmole
(Reverence to the 401 Irunmole -higher beings)
**Iba Se Akoda
(Reverence to Akoda -Orunmila's first deciple/Ifa student)
**Iba Se Aseda
(Reverence to Aseda -Orunmila's first deciple/Ifa student)
**Mojuba Baba
(reverence to ones father)
**Mojuba Yeye
(reverence to ones mother)
**Mojuba Oluwo
(Respect to my Godfather of IFA)
**Mojuba Iyatobi
(reverence to the one that showed you Ocha)
**Mojuba Ojubona-kan
(Respect to my Ojubona)
**Ibae on tonu :___Recite your lineage here___
(Reverence to those that have past to Ode Orun ,The entire invisible
realm, home of the ancestors (Egún) and the Immortals (Òrìsà), and the
Source of Creation.)
**Iba egun ile mi
(Reverence to the egun (spirits) that walk with me and live in my house.)
**Iba Se gbogbo Ab' Orisa abure
(My respect to all Babalawo and Orisa worshipers present)
**Iba to' to', mojuba!
(I give my humble respect!)
**Ase' (amen)



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