One day in the heaves Olofi was thinking about the creation of life down in the planet Earth that him and Olodumare created. Water ruled the planet along with Olokun. Olofi called his court and discussed the creation, Orula being present told Olofi that life can be created on Olokun’s kingdom but ebbo needed to be performed. Orula looked into Divination oracle which he had some knowledge about and told Olofi that someone wise had to perform this ebbo so that life can be created.
Olofi confided in Obatala that he would perform this task and Orula looked deeper into the oracles, telling Obatala that he had to descend with some items to create the lands. He told Obatala that he had to descend on a long chain from the heavens with a hen and sand. 
The day came and Obatala descended onto Olokun’s domain and performed the ebbo that Orula spoke to him about. Land began to form right under his feet and he jumped down, being the first Orisha to hit land. When Obatala looked up, Elegua was descending on the chain and Elegua told him that he was seeing if he needed any type of help. Obatala began walking the lands that were created from the heaves and Obatala and Elegua noticed how trees started to grow, grass followed and flowers were springing out. 
Obatala was happy and told Elegua to go back and tell Olofi that the work was being done. Olofi was pleased and he sent a white pigeon down to Earth to Obatala and that became his symbol. Olofi came to Earth and told Obatala that it was needed for some form of life. Olofi said that he wanted mankind to walk the Earth but did not want them to have the Ashe that the Orishas had. Obatala agreed and Olofi told Obatala that he would give him the task since he had other things to create in the heavens and space.
Obatala agreed and asked how he should create mankind, Olofi responded that he would make human form just as the Orishas. He told Obatala that when he was ready, he would come down and breathe life into them. Obatala agreed and with the sands of the Earth, he began to form and mold what we are today. Hundreds of molds were created and Obatala called Olofi to come breath air and life into the molds. Olofi came and saw miles upon miles of humans. Once life was blown, these humans stood up and were told to make humble life’s praising Olodumare as creator. They went in different directions and started to live their lives. 
Obatala worked hard making human forms and the sun was hot supplying light and energy to the land, making the job hard to do. One day, Obatala grew very tired and took a break under a tree that was giving shade. He reached for his Oti and Obatala began to drink to quench the thirst. Without realizing it, he drank all his Oti and none was left, he stood up staggering over to the molds. 
He began again molding and shaping human forms, without noticing his molds began coming out deformed. He made molds with missing limps, no pigmentation and so on. When he finished he summoned Olofi and he breathed life into them. 
Olofi came to the Earth and saw the lifeless on the sands and since he trusted Obatala he did notice that these molds were different. Olodumare proceeded to breathe life into them and they stood up, Olofi noticed that they all had deformed bodies. Olofi got upset and questioned Obatala and seeing this, he did something wrong and disrespected Olofi’s dream. 
Obatala told Olofi that he was drinking and it made his mind blurry, not meaning to do this. He begged Olofi for forgiveness and told him that from that day forth he would take all of those creations as children. He would take care of them and keep them from harm, Olofi shook his head and accepted Obatala’s apology. Obatala also told Olofi he would never drink again due to what he did to the creations of mankind. 


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