Ibu Agana was the preferred child of Olofi but she was also the favorite daughter of Olokun. The king of the ocean tended to Ibu Agana and gave her everything she asked for with Olofi’s gift of the ocean terrain. Ibu Agana found love on land with Orisha Oko and he was skeptical because he did not want anyone disrespecting her.

Olokun saw his daughter very happy over time until one day she came running upset and crying, Olokun asked what had happened. She told her father what Orisha Oko had done to her and he became so enraged that he surfaced to take action. Orisha Oko felt guilt and was making a sacrifice to Olofi for his disobedience and Olofi accepted the apology. Obatala was entrusted to receive the sacrifice and restore peace on land and ocean.

Olokun threw his waters on the lands, drowning and everything as the ocean waters swallowed the lands. Obatala sent his messengers to Olokun to stop him from his act but he did not respond and kept with it. Living things on land were all drowning and Obatala consulted Orula who told him Olokun was quite upset and will not stop until the land was covered.

Orula told Obatala that he needed a chain to tie Olokun and stop the madness. Obatala sent word to Ogun’s wife, Ibu Okunte, to go to Ogun and let him know to make the biggest and strongest chain he has ever built. Okunte rode the waves and went deep into the forest where Ogun was.

She told him of Obatala’s order and he immediately began to work. Once the chain was completed, he gave it to Ibu Okunte who fought the waves back to the ocean where Obatala told her to give the chain to her sister Ibu Achaba. Ibu Achaba was told to swim to where Olokun was and wrap the chain around him from top to bottom. She did as the great king instructed.

Ibu Achaba wrapped Olokun around and around with the chain. Olokun was so upset that he did not feel or see her as she wrapped it around him. Once tight, she pulled him and brought him to the depths of the ocean. He was chained to the bottom in disrespect for not following orders from Obatala and the water soon subdued, returning to the ocean.

Ibu Agana saw her father tied to the bottom of the ocean and told Orisha Oko that from this day we will apart but when I feel I will come upon land. Not great but you will be me touch your hands.