Chango was at a party and he was drinking, dancing and having the time of his life. He was swaying his hips and showing all his handsome masculinity. The crown on his head was kept firmly on  his head representing that he is a king. He did not realize with all this, some of his enemies were outside of the party watching Chango.

Soon the party was dying out and Chango started giving his good bye’s to everyone. He soon staggered to a corner where one of his enemies was hidden, withing a second, his enemies tied him up and locked him in a cell.

Days passed and none knew where the great king was. Oya who was married with Ogun already had left Ogun and had a fling with Chango. Oya noticed that Chango left his pilon and mortar where he keeps his secrets in her house.

Time passed and Oya grew very worried about Chango. She soon began wondering about his pilon and mortar, what was so special about it? She soon removed the red cloth covering the pilon and saw nothing. She touched the mortar and noticed it had a gleam to it. Inside the mortar, there was a clear liquid that began to vibrate and form an image.

In the image, Oya saw that Chango was being held captive by his enemies. She saw that he was locked up in a cage for a dog and his enemies were making a mockery of him. Oya saw that he could not do anything as he did not have his powers. Growing upset, lightning sparks started to form in her hair and she yelled up in the sky to call for a lightning to come so she could ride on it to find Chango.

Oya grabbed the liquid and put it towards her lips as to kiss her beloved Chango. In an instant, her lips began to burn furiously. She ran from her house to a well and the water did not do anything. Oya opened her mouth as she could not stand the burning sensation and a fireball came from it. She screamed and fire would release, burning everything. The lightning fell at her feet and took her to where Chango was held captive.

She was soon above where Chango was kept captive and Oya screamed a war cry, releasing fire from her moth. A centella came from the sky and broke the locks that were holding Chango. When his enemies saw Oya breathing fire from her mouth, they all ran for cover.

Chango did not know how he was released but when he went outside, he saw Oya and was reluctant to run the other way as he had never seen Oya in this state. Oya sent another centella to get Chango and he was soon by her side throwing thunderbolts at his enemies.

Both arrived at Oya’s home safe and he was amazed at her actions. Chango told her that he was the only one who knew the secrets of throwing fire that were kept in his pilon and mortar. Oya turned to him and told him that she had looked into the mortar and tasted the secret that had there. He was upset but grateful that she had saved him. From that day on when he goes to battle, Oya fights alongside him.


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